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Rajeet Singh

Marketing & PR

Rajeet is a writer and marketing & strategy consultant specialising in writing whitepapers, articles and PR pieces in the blockchain space. 

Rajeet has worked in marketing, content and PR for over ten years across a range of industries, including tech, real estate, digital content and the worlds of blockchain, finance & Web3. Rajeet has been a writer in general for over twelve years, covering economics, finance, business, science and startups. With degrees in psychology and law, Rajeet started in sales and marketing for Coca Cola enterprises before moving to the SME and startup world, eventually launching a startup himself in the early 2010’s, focused on tech-building, startup consultancy and outsourced services.

Rajeet got involved with Web3 in early 2019 when he diversified investments into blockchain assets. He has since worked on the marketing, content & PR side in blockchain, having worked with DAO’s, NFT collections, gaming projects, AI projects, Web3 agencies and VC’s within the space.

Rajeet has developed and written whitepapers for DAOs, hedge funds and crypto projects, with a particular focus on marketing strategy, tokenomics strategy and overall business strategy.  

Outside of Web3 Rajeet has varied business interests in real estate, digital content and the sciences.