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Geoff Ayres

General Partner

Geoff Ayres is Co-Founder and General Partner of O-DE Capital Partners ('OCP') and Former Business Development Executive of the Family office based in Hong Kong, responsible for business development and relationship management. Prior to joining the family office, Geoff was a founding member and Business Development Manager at INFORICH, the operator of "ChargeSPOT," Japan's largest mobile battery-sharing service, which went public on the Tokyo Stock Exchange's Growth Market in 2022. At INFORICH, Geoff was involved in market expansion, including raising 3M USD in funding.

At the Hong Kong-based family office, Geoff is involved in investment as a blockchain VC, focusing on early-stage investments in Web3/blockchain businesses. He also serves as a board member at a group company based in Nairobi from 2022. He utilizes his extensive network of entrepreneurs and investors to support various projects. Additionally, in 2020, he supported the fundraising of a security token exchange that obtained approval from the U.S. SEC, raising 30M USD, and supported their business expansion into Japan.

Additionally, he supported a new business called "B-OWND" by Tanseisha, a company listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange First Section, including business strategy planning and team building.

In August 2020, Geoff founded O-DE Consulting, providing design and consulting services, and assumed the CEO role. In 2022, he established O-DE Labs, a company supporting the overseas expansion of blockchain businesses in Japan, and became its representative director.

In 2023, Geoff established O-DE Capital Partners ('OCP'), a Hong Kong-based fund and company focused on financial-related businesses, and assumed the position of CEO. At OCP, he provides services as an advisor for the establishment of funds specialized in Web3 and for the business development of multiple VC funds.